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´╗┐Mom gets 5 years for infant

Back NextBack NextBack NextBack NextThe extraordinary neglectful act of leaving a child in a vehicle can result not only in the horror of losing a child but in Dianabol Vs Anapolon a prison sentence as well, Judge Annis said in sentencing Ms. Morris to five years in prison followed by five years' probation.

On Aug. 7, 2008, Ms. Morris and a cousin returned to her Patrick Avenue home after taking 6 week old Dalton Morris to a doctor's appointment and running errands. Ms. Morris thought her cousin brought Dalton inside, but the infant sat in the vehicle as the temperature inside reached an estimated 119 to 126 degrees, said Assistant District Attorney Johnny Markwalter.

Ms. Morris was indicted in Richmond County Superior Court on a charge of felony murder. In a plea negotiation, the charge was reduced to involuntary manslaughter.

Ms. Morris, 26, begged the judge not to send her to prison for the sake of her 5 year old daughter. The weeks that she spent in jail before bond was granted nearly crushed the little girl, Ms. Morris said. If she was separated again, she feared the girl's spirit would be broken, she told the judge.

Assistant Public Defender Brian Grantham asked the judge for probation. Sending Ms. Morris to prison would only serve the purpose of punishment. There was no greater punishment than the loss of her child, he said. It was a terribly tragic accident, he said.

Judge Annis agreed there was no greater Deca Durabolin For Sale Canada punishment than the loss of a child, but Dalton's death was avoidable, he said.

There's a need to deter others from the same negligence, he said.

Ms. Morris wailed, grief stricken upon hearing the sentence. Her family members and friends also cried and tried "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" to comfort her.

Mr. Grantham implored Judge Annis to reconsider. He pointed to the punishment given to Christine Long for "torturing her kids for 18 years" weekends in the Burke County jail. The sentence was given by a different judge, but it was in the same judicial circuit, Mr. "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" Grantham said.

Judge Annis stuck by his sentencing. He reminded Mr. Grantham that Ms. without helmets or improperly should be convicted. Every parent whose child has drowned in a backyard pool should be convicted. Every parent who has run over their own child in their own driveway should be convicted. Accidents happen but there is a certain degree of culpability when it comes to the deaths of children when negligence is involved. I feel sorry for this mother, but, in an hours time with an infant she should have noticed that the child was missing. You have to take the baby out of the car seat, check the diaper, lay the child in a crib or somewhere? What was she thinking? It was her child and not her cousin's responsibiltiy. The woman in Burke County with the 11 children should be put away for life. There is no rhyme or reason to our justice system sometimes. Poor baby!

What I read was that she brought one of her children in the house, took a phone call from her "significant other" that distressed her, while she thought the mother's helper (her cousin) was getting the baby out of the car to put down for a nap. If that is the case, it was a mix up, a tragic accident, that didn't warrant prison time, at least not that much. I've seen letting their children run the streets from the time they were just a bit taller than a toddler, so that they are nearly getting hit by cars on a regular basis, without consequence (yes, they were reported by more than one neighbor), I guess their parenting and their children don't matter until they get hit by a car? I guess not, one response I got was "do us a favor and run over them." When it comes to enforcing the law it seems to be too much or not enough. In the case of this young woman, it seems mercy was left out of the equation. She has suffered the ultimate punishment, the death of her child, and will still be grieving the loss of that child and not being able to be with her family to do her best to do "buy cheap jintropin online" a better job of it with them. If the media had the story right, why such a severe punishment?

Traditionally though, it seems that no matter what other factors are involved, society tends to blame the mom. It's not the caller who distressed the mom's fault, it's not the mother's helper's fault, it's ONLY the mom's fault in the eyes of a judgmental public. And it seems, the court also. "Oxandrolone Powder India" Just blame the mom, the person that has run herself ragged trying to take care of the baby, the household, and oh, yes, cared so little about the kids that she had a mother's helper. I'm being sarcastic. Women that get someone to help them care for the children are NOT doing it because they are negligent, they are doing it because they realize they are overwhelmed and need a helping hand. So just slap that caring mother in jail while she grieves for her child and make it ten times worse. Who is going to do her job for the child that DIDN'T die? I hope it's not the cousin who may have contributed to that child's death in the mix up. Unless the story we got at the beginning was totally inaccurate. We don't know what happened, really, do we.

My third early morning comment re posted since it was left off when the article was updated: I don't think justice was Buy Cialis Norway served here, but my disclaimer is I'm not the judge and I didn't hear all the facts. I am a mom, I have several children, including twins, 2 grand children, and I've seen what can happen when people are tired, harried, over whelmed, over worked, struggling to survive, and distressed by things not in their control. Did you hear of the father, who left his child in the car seat on top of his car, and the child and seat tumbled off on the highway. Miraculously, the child survived the tumbling and traffic. No jail time for dad, for endangering the child. Time and again, childcare providers are leaving children on the buses. Movies are being made including comedic and dramatic scenarios where children are left behind when mommy or daddy go to Buy Anadrol Cheap work or take a trip. That is because these things are happening to exhausted parents, and truth is sometimes stranger, sometimes more tragic, than fiction.